30 Day Skills Challenge

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What do you get?

In the beginning we focus on reset touches…Reset touches are key to ball mastery… No mater how hard we try, our touch on the ball will often get us into positions that are less than ideal (the ball gets too far in front of us, stuck under our body, on our non-dominant foot, etc.). Great players know how to “reset” the ball back to a position of readiness, which allows them to do the amazing things with the ball. Quite often, the creativity you see from these players is a result of a bad touch that they were able to reset back into a ready to attack position which catches the defender reaching and allows the offensive player to create space. These simple resets are the key to confident control and possession, as they keep the ball away from the defenders foot and allow you to feel confident and in control.

The next step is to blend in athletic footwork patterns…the ability to reposition the feet under the body to create an “athletic advantage” is key to control, creating space and explosive separation. Blending footwork patterns with technical skills creates a confidence in how you move your body around the ball. This coordination is what ties our speed / agility programs and out technical skills programs together and prepares our athletes to play at a faster game speed.

As you progress, we start to blend simple patterns into complex combinations which gives you options as you maneuver the ball in tight spaces. High repetition combination patterns build a confidence and speed of execution that allows you to react instinctively to defensive players mistakes. This progression adds new levels of complexity each day and provides tips and video to help you gain a more athletic level of ball mastery! Here is an example of some of the drills from week 2…

Every day for the next month you will receive a new drill from one of our progressive, video based series.

  1. The first week will be focused on drills from our Level 1 Program (Confidence) building a base with some simple patterns, reset patterns and body control drills that progress in complexity each day.
  2. The next week will focus on drills from our Level 2 Program (Developing) where we will begin to blend these patterns into combinations.
  3. By week 3 you will be feeling confident with complex combinations, so we now can progress to our Level 3 Program (Emerging) where we add speed, hesitations and double moves along with some footwork and quickness drills.
  4. Finally in week 4 we get into our Level 4 Program (Peaking) and start to show partner drills, 4-5 pattern combinations and speed of thought exercises.

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