#4mileInterval Partner Challenge (Video)

To keep things fresh and competitive during sessions we often will allow players to team up to hit some of our training challenges. In this Anaerobic Power training session, we use our 4 Mile Interval Workout (2 Half Miles, 4 Quarter Miles, 6 200 yd Runs and 8 100 yd sprints with brief 50-80 yd walks between each). But in this competitive session, we let our college and pro players team up with a partner and split up the runs. For instance, one partner will run the first half mile, then the other partner will run the second half mile. This alternating 1:1 work:rest format allows each player to push harder than normal during their portion, knowing that they have a recovery period while their partner runs.

Here is a short video of one of our groups this morning…(they convinced Zak and I to run as well, we finished in 27:30).

At the end of the workout, most of the players (myself included) would say that this workout could be classified as stride strength or power endurance. Legs were ultra-fatigued and mentally it was challenging to hold form in the sprints. Here is my heart rate graph of this session.

If you have access to a Woodway Curve Treadmill, I would love to hear your times. We have set a bar (which I am sure will be broken soon) at 27:30 for Males and 30:56 for Females. You can send me your scores on Twitter @athletefitcoach using the hash tag #4mileInterval or you can post them in the comments box below. This workout is quickly becoming a cult classic as training facilities around the country are using this competition as a fun challenge workout. Enjoy and let me know how you do!


  1. The HR value is entered based on the highest value we have seen in training. Some of our training / testing will take an athlete to the limit, so we feel that this is a fairly accurate value. We also will make slight adjustments in future workouts whenever we see a value higher than that which was recorded.

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