ACL Series: From Reducing the Risk to Return to Confidence

As spring approaches, and the high school female soccer players return to the field. We though it might be good to review some of the literature regarding ACL injuries and how our program has integrated training progressions that attempt to reduce the risk of this devastating injury. Over the last few days I have put up several posts on our home site, regarding the research, programs that reduce the risk, and our new Return to Confidence program that is helping players get back to confident play on the field. Here are the links:

The Research: ACL Rehab and Risk Reduction

Factors Associated with Increased Risk of ACL Injury

Key Exercises and Progressions to Reduce the Risk

Returning to Confident Play (post surgery)

Results – A Case Study

This series highlights our last 10 years of our programs evolution (thousands of athletes), what we have learned, how we have adapted and what we plan to do in the future to continue to reduce the risk while also enhancing performance.