Ball Control – Applying Simple Skills

Right now you are finishing up some examples from your first phase of our Ball Control Series (Level 1 – Comfort & Control), but I wanted to take today and show you how some of these simple skills begin to show up in other areas of our program. Today, we combine the reset touches, pullbacks and inside and outside touches from our Ball Control Series and we use them in our Attacking Series. No matter how simple the skill seems, there is a reason we need to master it, and you can bet that it is going to show up in a more complex progression later on.

Our Attacking Series is part of our Ball Control Foundations program and, like the Ball Control Series, there are 4 Levels and hundreds of drills from diagonal attacks, hesitations, moves and turns, attacking to finishing, etc. Here is an example of how we are going to use some of the Level 1 Touches to build confident attacking skills later on…

I hope you are enjoying this series… Make sure you check out our Instagram and Twitter pages to see what drills we might be adding to this program. Coaches, tag your players and encourage them to take the challenge…Players, tag your teammates and post videos of your progress.



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