Ball Control – Week 1 Day 3 – Rhythmic Transition

By now you should be getting pretty comfortable with the simple reset touches out of the base patterns, and you may have noticed that you started to rhythmically transition right back into the next pattern without much difficulty. But in case you haven’t tried this, we will use todays drill to begin training this aspect. In the beginning, as you gain comfort with a new skill, you should isolate each phase or component, and slow down or use pauses to let the brain and body get on the same page as they plan out the footwork patterns. As you start to master the skill you begin to do this without much thought. This lets the mind begin to focus on tactical aspects and the game begins to slow down, you see things sooner and you are able to use the moves while reacting to defensive players. This is when you know you are ready to move on to more complex skill patterns.

In today’s drill we want to use combinations of inside-outside patterns with ripback and rollover resets. In this drill you will alternate right foot rollovers and left foot ripacross & rollover resets, and use the inside-outside pattern to get the body back under control and in position to rip the ball across your body. The key aspect today is how quickly you transition from the reset to the inside-outside pattern. The quicker you can reset to inside-outside the quicker you will be ready to react to the next task. Watch in the video below how quickly the player is able to reset and transition.


Start off by warming up with the simple resets we used in Day 1 and then work for a few minutes on yesterday’s drill, Inside-Inside to Outside Touch to Reset. Next get into today’s drill from the video above. Perform a few 1 minute sets with 30 seconds rest between focusing on the pattern and getting in a rhythm (going slow enough to master the pattern and pausing between skills if necessary). Once you have the pattern try to speed up the transition between each phase, specifically focused on the quick reset to inside-inside transition.

Key Coaching Points:

  1. Technique before Rhythm before Speed. Make sure you understand each element before trying to perform the drill at full speed.
  2. Challenge the Distance. Try to cover more distance with the rollovers while always being able to control your body position. Find your comfort zone and then try to push it to the limit. If you get out of control, bring it back a little and settle into your sweet spot.
  3. Quickly Reposition the Feet Under the Body. How athletic do you feel? How balanced do you feel? Perform the drill with a mindset of positioning your body so that you can move with speed.


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