Ball Control – Week 2 Day 3 – “L” Resets

To elude defenders in tight space, sometimes you need to put your body between the ball and the defender. In situations like this we use variations of the “L” Reset to move the ball to the other foot while simultaneously positioning our bodies between the ball and defender. Most of the time in these situations we have to use combinations of the hopping drills, 1/4 turns, pullback resets and L’s. If we have mastered all of these elements, we can use them at will…at just the right time…to create an advantage without much thought. Performing multiple repetitions of simple tasks, allows our brains to perform that task without thinking, thus freeing up space for us to think about other tasks (tactically).

Today’s exercise might be a bit of a challenge for some of you, but we have put a few other warm up exercises into the drill to help better prepare this pattern. Start with the 1/4 turn pullback resets and then progress to an inside-inside (base) to a pullback L 1/4 reset. Focus on the direction of your touch and the quickness of your feet as they reposition to get back to your base. If you feel confident at this point, try to use this in a more functional manner (we will get into more of this next week), by attacking the middle of a tight 4 cone grid, then using any touch to get out of the grid to the left or right. As you exit the grid use a 1/4 Turn L reset to inside touch to “turn and face” the grid in an attacking position. Start to visualize the cones as defenders, as you split them, think about having the confidence to quickly turn and face with the ball at your feet in a position of readiness.


Start with the pullback to inside resets and progress to the base to L resets. Make sure you do these turning both directions, and try to get to the point where you can repeat them to either side without much thought (reacting instinctively). Spend about 30-60 seconds on each reset with about 30 seconds off between sets. Do these until you feel comfortable with the movement pattern. If you feel good, set up the cones and work on attacking the middle and exiting to the right or left with a 1/4 turn L reset outside the cones as you turn and face. do these for 60 seconds if you are moving at a rhythmic pace, or 30 seconds if you are moving at a quick pace.

Key Coaching Points:

  1. It’s a “RACE to PERFECTION”. Don’t just race the clock (going through the motions until the time is up). Instead see how many perfect reps you can perform in the timed set. You are only competing with your self, so make every touch count.
  2. Use the Inside-Inside (Base) pattern when needed. When you get out of position, reset to Base and plan out the movement in your head. Don’t stack bad touch upon bad touch. Instead, clean up the bad touches, pause, get under control and then attack again.
  3. Sometimes you have to GO BACK if you want to MOVE FORWARD. If you are having trouble with these drills, go back through some of the workouts from last week until you feel confident. Then progress forward with better quality.


  1. Are these types of drills available in your “Complete Soccer Training” program? Avaliable Online?

  2. Peter,
    Yes. This is just a sampling of what we have in that program. The SoccerFIT Skills Program has an expanded progression of these drills (close to 200 drills in 4 Levels), plus an expanded progression into our attacking and passing progressions. The Complete SoccerFIT Training Program – Player Manual includes the SoccerFIT Skills Program as well as the SoccerFIT Speed/Agility, Strength/Power, Stability/Plyo and Fitness Progressions. The content is all broken down by level and progressed by systematically. These programs are designed to progress from U10 level players to professional.

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