Ball Control – Week 3 Day 6 – Creativity

In today’s drill we combine everything that we have worked on up to this point with an emphasis on fast, free space creativity. We will put in multi-direction inside and outside of the foot touches, reset variations, rolls, L’s, Cruyff’s and Elastico’s, and we will put them together in an open space where the player can move freely from one movement to the next.

The video below shows this in a creative manner.


Start off with a focus on the rhythmic transition between pullback L’s and reset touches, then focus on bringing the Elastico into the patterns. Next blend Cruyff’s with reset touches and Pullback L’s. Once you have all the patterns working in a rhythmic manner. Go for 15 seconds, as fast as possible and count your touches. Try to get over 40 touches in 15 seconds. This does two things: 1) it forces you to focus on counting and not your next move – allowing you to see if you truly have the patterns running on autopilot, and 2) it gives you a measurable number to as a target that will push your speed and creativity. Perform 3-4 sets of 15 seconds on and take 30-45 seconds off between sets. Then finish with a focus on rhythm (like in the start), where you just think 2 or 3 moves ahead of what you are currently doing. Here are the patterns to include:

  1. Inside and Outside of the foot touches
  2. Rolls in front of the body
  3. L’s behind the body
  4. Cruyffs
  5. Elasticos
  6. Pullback resets and 1/4 turn resets

Key Coaching Points:

  1. Focus on angles. Try to move around the entire space (in a 5 yard by 5 yard grid), and attack the edges, then use a change of direction move (L, Cruyff, or reset touch) to turn and attack another side.
  2. Rhythm to Speed to Rhythm. Start the move with rhythm, then quickly escape, then get back into a rhythm. If you are having poor touches, slow down and focus on body position and footwork, then gradually speed back up.
  3. Try to be able to do this without thinking. Don’t plan your next move, and don’t rely on a partner to tell you what to do. Instead, freely choose a movement and go from one move to another based where the ball ends up under your feet. Make this efficient and try to do it without thinking.



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