Ball Control – Week 4 Day 1 – 180 Pullback L Reset

In this drill we are working on a variation of our 180 degree turn series. These turns show up in situations where you are under pressure and need to turn completely around. Sometimes you will need to make a quick turn in to space with a fast getaway touch, and other times you will need to control the ball at your feet while positioning in such a way that you can use your body as a shield to ward off a defending player. In these situations, you may need to quickly switch the ball from one foot to the other to move away from the defending player or to set up a balanced pass to a teammate. In this case, one of the patterns we will work on is the 180 Pullback L to Reset.


Start off with a few minutes working variations of the pullback reset (pullback, rollovers, 1/4 turns etc.) and then spend a few minutes working on the L. As you feel comfortable in those patterns, take a dribble touch through the cones, then hit a pullback L as you make a quarter turn. Finish the move, by pulling the ball back with a 1/4 turn reset to face the cones and push dribble back into the cones and repeat to the same side. Once you have mastered the 180 Pullback L to Reset with the right foot, switch to the left. If you want to add some complexity to this drill, try entering the cones and making a 90 degree turn then do the 180 Pullback L to Reset and attack the cones again.

Key Coaching Points:

  1. Stay in an athletic position as you reset. The whole point of the reset touches is to get the ball to the foot you want it on, while maintaining a position of balance and readiness. If it feels a bit awkward, go back to the reset touches and try to master the athletic positioning as you stick the ball to the inside of the foot.
  2. Angle your plant leg. As you start the L, turn your plant leg slightly in the direction you wish to go (watch the video again, specifically looking at the plant leg). The positioning of your feet (and hips and shoulders) will determine what direction you come out of the L. Focus on footwork as you master this Level 4 Reset.



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