Ball Control – Week 4 Day 2 – Cruyff T’s

Before we get into the figure “S” patterns we want to feel comfortable moving the ball behind our bodies in L’s and Cruyff’s. These types of reset patterns help us to position our bodies in ways that help us shield defending players and quickly switch the directions without turning our backs to the attacking side. In today’s drill we bring back the “T” pattern and incorporate a Cruyff on the outside as we alternate left and right.


Warm up with some inside and outside of the foot ball control touches. Work on getting wider with the outside touch and moving your body to the ball quickly (don’t let the ball get away from you). Then bring in a pullback to outside touch on the right with a rip back reset with the left. Next, start working in the T pattern, alternating right to left with your pullback to outside touch (always using a rip back reset across the body to reposition). Now that you are warmed up and ready to go, use the Pullback to Outside Touch to Cruyff to Inside Forward Touch (alternating right and left) as shown in the video above.

Key Coaching Points:

  1. Be smooth with the Cruyff. Don’t rush the Cruyff, it’s a smooth and gliding motion that puts you into a position from which you can sprint out fast. If you try to be too quick in the Cruyff, your touch will be inconsistent and you will get frustrated with this drill.
  2. Be quick with the Inside Forward Touch to Pullback Outside Touch (in the middle of the T). This is where you can be quick. Work on quickly repositioning the feet around the ball (under the body) to create an athletic advantage.



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