Ball Control – Week 4 Day 5 – H Pattern Hesitates

This is one of the final progressions in our Ball Control Series, but it’s really just the beginning of our Soccer Skills Program. The patterns and drills you have been working on over the last few weeks are designed to get you comfortable with the ball, and set the stage for our Passing and Attacking progressions which lead into our Partner Drills and Multi-Player Ball Agility Drills (available in the Ball Control Foundations program and the Complete SoccerFIT Training Program) which organizes your training into a step by step process to becoming the best player you can be.

Today we will build off of the drill we did yesterday and add a few combinations. It’s not likely that you perform this exact pattern in a game, but if you are confident in your foot skills, it is very likely that you will execute portions of this drill to create space and elude defensive players. This is really the point of ball control… less than 5% of the game is played with the ball at your feet, but it’s that 5% that makes the most impact. Players that have great control, confidence and efficiency, can change the game and make the most of each possession.


Warm up with some balance rollover to outside touches, pullbacks and other quick feet skills that we have introduced over the last few weeks. Then work in some pullback L to Cruyff turns. Add some quickness and when you feel ready, start today’s drill. Now start on the left side of the cones, and pullback with the left leg to inside touch between the cones. Then with the right leg perform a quick rollover to outside touch hesitation move and continue moving to the right. Once outside the cones, use a right foot pullback L to go diagonally backwards, then use a left foot Cruyff reset to inside touch forward back to the right side of the front cone. Repeat this pattern to the left using a right foot pullback to inside touch between the cones as shown in the video above. D 4-5 sets of 30-60 seconds with 30 seconds off between sets.

Key Coaching Points:

  1. Change pace. Just like in yesterday’s drill, try to change pace between patterns, picking and choosing when to be rhythmic and when to be quick. Use the hesitation to create space (sometimes taking a heavier touch, sometimes taking a small but quick touch).
  2. Sprint out of the last rep. As you work the pattern for 30-60 seconds and you are coming up on your last rep, perform the Cruyff at the top cone, then sprint out of the pattern as if to separate from a defender.
  3. Sprint out during various phases of the pattern. When you recognize that you have a player beat, sprint out of the pattern. Many times, players who are used to doing cone footwork patterns, will do more dribbling and moves than needed. You want to use only what you need to create space, then when you have space, us




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