Ball Control – Week 4 Day 7 – Using Resets in 1v1

Now that you are feeling more comfortable and confident with the ball at your feet, we want to discuss options and application of these drills in game situations. In today’s drill, we will highlight the “H” pattern reset patterns and give some player feedback on how they are using these patterns in live settings.

The “H” pattern resets may be the final phase of our Ball Control Series, but they still fall into the early stages of our skill curriculum. Once we have confident control of the ball at our feet, we want to be able to use this confidence to create options (space, attacks, finishing opportunities, etc.). The “H” pattern is classified as a retreat to attack pattern in our system. It shows up when you are under tight pressure from a defender, and are looking to create some space, get control of the ball and buy time to set up an attack. In other words, we need to move back (retreat), have time to look around and assess the situation, then position our body and the ball appropriately to set up an attack.

In the video below, we start off looking at attacking out of the “H” pattern reset we discussed earlier this week, and then we add in another situation where we gain control in the retreat and pass to quick sprint in a give and go off the “H” pattern reset in a live 1v1 situation.


Give yourself some more space for today’s drill. We use a 4yd by 4yd diamond for this drill. Warm up with some reset touches and work them into the “H” Pattern Resets. When you are comfortable with the ball at your feet, start to attack in diagonals out of different phases of the “H” pattern. Start to visualize how a defender might react to each touch, and chose a time to react and sprint out with speed off the “H” pattern.

Key Coaching Points:

  1. Body position is everything. Use the reset touches to position the body for speed. The move, reset or touch is only a small part of the drill. The main aspect that separates the great players from everyone else is how ready they are (body position) to take advantage of miscues by the defender.
  2. Quick feet. They ability to quickly reposition the feet as you prepare to redirect, reset or sprint out of the move is essential.
  3. Visualize and react. Think about the 1v1 situations we have been in during game situations. Where does the pressure come from and what do defenders do as you move. How can you create space, and how quickly can you react to the space you create.



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