Ball Control – Week 1 Day 6 – Creativity

This is the last progression in our entry level (Confidence Level) program. Next week we will get into the Developing Level progressions, and the drills will become more complex and demanding.
If you feel you have mastered the resets, base patterns and combinations, it’s time to add some creativity to the drills. We use these creative

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Ball Control – Week 1 Day 5 – Simple Combinations

Mastering the reset touches and feeling comfortable in the base patterns gave us a good foundation from a skill perspective. Yesterday we focused on finding that athletic balance and controlling our positioning. Now we want to start to blend aspects together into simple combinations. If you can perform the inside-inside to outside touch reset without thinking about it, and you

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Ball Control – Week 1 Day 4 – Finding Balance

There are 3 types of soccer skill that we train at the SoccerFIT Academy…

Physical Skill: The balance, speed and coordination required to move athletically in games
Technical Skill: The control of the ball and the speed at which you can create opportunities
Tactical Skill: How quickly and efficiently you execute the first two skills in situations

If a player

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Ball Control – Week 1 Day 3 – Rhythmic Transition

By now you should be getting pretty comfortable with the simple reset touches out of the base patterns, and you may have noticed that you started to rhythmically transition right back into the next pattern without much difficulty. But in case you haven’t tried this, we will use todays drill to begin training this aspect.

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Ball Control – Week 1 Day 2 – Base Pattern Resets

Building off yesterday’s reset patterns, we now want to combine them with one of our base patterns from our early stage program (Confidence Level). This aspect of chunking one mastered skill with another is what our program is built around and will be a centralized theme for this progression. If you are still having trouble with the

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6 Off-Season Fitness Workouts to Improve Game Speed Fitness

Here is a question I received over email today…
I’ve completed initial testing with a team of U14 girls. They are generally strongest in speed and weakest in fitness. In the fitness category, the median was 326 and average is 367…in the lower end of developing. I’d like to try to increase everyone to low 717

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