Spring Season – Part 2 (Training Focus)


This blog series is aimed at the high school player, and will provide you with research, programming tips and information that we have gathered over the years.
In the last post we looked at trends we have observed over the last decade in high school girls soccer, basically showing a loss of athleticism and increase in

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ACL Injury Overview (Research Review)


In the past, we have put up several posts on ACL injury, rehab and risk reduction exercises, but I ran across a summary of research articles (Serpell, Scarvell, et al 3160-3176) compiled in the NSCA’s Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research that I wanted to break down for you. The following is a brief breakdown

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Off-Season Recap: Week 2 – Agility Rest


One of the themes of the early off-season (usually a 1-3 week period) is to RESET OUR SYSTEM…
Resetting the system refers to taking a step back, revisiting some of the basics (mobility, form running, aerobic fitness, strength technique, etc.). We like to change up the program style (mixing the strength with various forms of fitness,

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MB Training to Improve Power


Throwing med balls always seems to go hand in hand with power training. Exercises like shot tosses (pictured in the video below), scoop tosses, crunch throws, jump throws, chest passes and partner variations (mb tennis) have been used in our programs for years.

These activities build power in several ways:

Coordination: concentric synchronization of the lower body

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Power Based Strength Training Made Easy…


Often, when discussing training exercises that give us the most bang for the buck in vertical power training, the list doesn’t get too far beyond the Olympic lifts (clean/jerk and snatch). And there is no disputing the fact that these two or three lifts deliver results, but the problem with these lifts is centered around

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ACL Series: From Reducing the Risk to Return to Confidence


As spring approaches, and the high school female soccer players return to the field. We though it might be good to review some of the literature regarding ACL injuries and how our program has integrated training progressions that attempt to reduce the risk of this devastating injury. Over the last few days I have put

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A Competetive, College Winter Break Workout


This week at the SoccerFIT Academy, our college kids came back to kick off their off-season workouts with us. And, in what has become very typical, we spent quite a bit of time reminiscing, evaluating and discussing new ideas and workout philosophies that they have been exposed to while they were away at school. We

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FOCUS EXERCISE: Why do we do single legged exercises?


Two of the most discussed aspects associated with injury risk reduction during the season are: 1) lower limb symmetry and 2) force absorption qualities. We used a Hop and Stop test of bilateral force production / force absorption, and the results showed a tremendous gain in symmetry in both the hopping and leaping exercises. We

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