Congratulations on a National Championship Season…

Former SoccerFIT Academy athlete Mandy Laddish scores the game winner against Ohio State

Congratulations to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Women’s Soccer Team, who’s victory over Ohio State and Stanford won them a college national championship this past weekend. And a very special congratulations to the 5 former SoccerFIT Academy / CAP players who play for Notre Dame! It seems like just last year that Mandy came to us as an undersized, but extremely motivated 12 year old, and now she is scoring game winners on a National Championship Team. Congrats Lauren, Mandy, Eli, Ellen and Molly!

Notre Dame Senior and Former SoccerFIT Academy athlete, Lauren Fowlkes

One of the most deserving players of this success is Notre Dame’s Lauren Fowlkes. Lauren has been a role model for so many girls in our program. Even though she is not around, her drive and determination continue to be a motivating factor for all of our young players. They still ask what she ran on certain tests, and how they compare to her.

In addition to the national title, Lauren also was named to the Academic All-America Team, a finalist for the Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award, and has finished her career with both Big East Offensive and Defensive Player of the year awards. Here is what her coach has to say about her…“Lauren truly personifies what it means to be a student-athlete,” Notre Dame head coach Randy Waldrum said. “She has been tremendously successful at balancing her academics and athletics, reaching an elite level in both areas. What’s more, she has proven to be an excellent leader for our program, showing our younger players what it means to carry yourself in a first-class manner as a student and an athlete. We couldn’t be prouder of her and what she has meant our program and the University of Notre Dame.”


This has been a great season for our Alumi, as 5 of our players got the opportunity to play on a national

Former SoccerFIT athlete, Jordan Jackson.

championship team, and 2 former players were named to the All-Big 12 Team (Jordan Jackson and Morgan Marlborough).

Over the Thanksgiving break I had the chance to sit down with many of our college athletes as they returned for our annual Pre-Thanksgiving Feast Workout. It’s nice to see them all having the time of their lives in the college programs. And its always a huge topic of conversation when we get together and discuss the various programs, philosophies, motivational strategies, faith… and how all these things weave together to make us who we are.

It’s nice to hear all the stories of the confidence that they have in themselves, their play and their approach to training and life. After all, that is what our program is all about!


  1. This is the kind of thing that makes it all worthwhile. It is great to see a private organization going about training the right way – led by science and evidence based practice – rather than by marketing.
    I am sure more success will come to you and your athletes.


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