Excuses… Really? (video)

I was checking out an article by Alwyn Cosgrove the other day, trying to catch up on what’s new in the world of fitness, but my mind kept wandering back to all the excuses I hear every day from a handful of kids (usually the same ones – you know who you are!).

I couldn’t stop hearing their whining in the back of my head, about how sore they are, how tired they are and how they ran 3 miles this weekend! Monday’s are ALWAYS bad, rainy Mondays are even worse and if a holiday falls on a Monday and there’s no school… I probably should just close down.

Then I came across this video… (which made me smile, then my jaw dropped, and I thought I would write this post) – if you can’t see the video, click over to our blog at: http://www.soccerfitacademy.com/?p=1423

I just hope that all of my athletes realize how lucky they are to have this opportunity to train in this environment. I don’t ever remember be ‘sore’ when I was young… I can remember going from track practice back to the weight room to lift, then off to the playground to play basketball until dark. I might have been sore, but I don’t think it would have ever stopped me from playing.

Sometimes it’s tough, sometimes you just don’t feel up to it, but remember this video and put yourself in his shoes.


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  1. Every opportunity you have to train, practice, or playl is a chance that you never want to miss out on as a competitive athlete. I agree…I don’t think there was anything that ever stood in my way when it came to playing/training/practicing for a athletics…let alone my own ‘soreness’. no excuses…play like a champion…and you have to train/practice how you desire to play. great post!

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