Our training and research center is located in Overland Park, Kansas in the OP Soccer Complex at 135th and Switzer. We run our strength and conditioning activities out of the Fieldhouse, located adjacent to field #1 and we run our on-field soccer game speed activities on field #2 during the spring, summer and fall.

Inside the fieldhouse at the OP Soccer Complex you will find the SoccerFIT Training and Research Center

Inside the our training and research center we have 2500 sq ft of training space where our athletes train using top of the line sports performance equipment from Cybex, Woodway, Fusion Sport, Polar, TRX, Myotest, etc.
Outside our our Game Speed programs have access to a world class soccer complex with turf fields, multiple sized goals and plenty of space to integrate small sided games into our speed and skill programs.

This is an aerial view of our training and research center at the Overland Park Soccer Complex.