Final Stages of ACL Return to Sport

Last week I put up a post that documents our ACL Return to Sport program and over the last few days I have received emails asking to see some of these activities in action. I videoed a few of the drills from our session last night with 2 girls who are in the final stages of our ACL Rehab Program (3.5 months and 4 months post surgery), and one (with the brace) who is approaching this stage. This was an agility and conditioning session where we were trying to mimic the fitness demands of the game to ease them into a safe return.

It should be noted that the girls in this video train with us 3-4 days a week and started this program at 3 weeks post surgery. They are way ahead of the curve for most girls their age, and these drills in this time frame, are typically not used in most training programs. However, I think you will agree after watching the video that they are confident and comfortable moving at the speeds and with the intensity that the drills require.



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