First Touch & Quadruple Threat Positioning

Want to be in control of your game? Want to dominate on the field?

As the game continues to evolve into a short short passing, possession dominated game, your first touch may be one of the most critical components of your arsenal. And to dominate off your first touch, you need to think about being a “Quadruple Threat” player. Your receiving touch should put you into a position in which you can do any of the following 4 things without taking any additional touches…

  1. Pass with Accuracy
  2. Strike with Power
  3. Dribble Out of Pressure
  4. Change Directions

Here is a quick video that shows some of our players working through each of the aspects above. Notice how the players position their bodies before the touch, then quickly reposition after the touch to get into a position where they can do whatever they need to do, from finish with power to dribble out of pressure.

Take a touch that rolls slowly in front of the body, so that you are able to perform any of the four Quadruple Threat tasks without taking an additional touch to prepare. If this touch gets stuck under the feet, you end up looking down to find the ball and lose the ability to read the movement of players around you. A soft touch in front of the body allows you to look up but still see the ball. This type of touch, puts you into a position where you become the attacker, and gives you multiple options. 

Training First Touch – Quadruple Threat:

Start with simple two touch passing, and focus on playing in rhythm. Then work in combinations off the pass to shift the focus on quick repositioning of the feet. Start to blend in directional touches, and passes coming in from different angles or out of the air when you feel confident. Finally, when you are getting confident, start to add reactive elements, finishing aspects and creativity to take your game to the next level.

If you want more ideas, and a step by step progression to tracking and improving your first touch and quadruple threat positioning, download the Phase 1: Passing & First Touch program from our Elite Player Development System. Let us know what you think, and follow us on Instagram (@AthleteFITcoach) for more ideas.



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