May 22, 2015


The AthleteFIT Academies rely on “The 4-T Developmental System” to assess, progress and monitor our program’s ability to effectively develop young talented players. This process is cyclic and the evaluation process is continuous throughout their career. We start with Teaching Programs (through our blog, camps, coach’s clinics, etc.) and then progress to our Testing Programs (Game Speed, AthleteFIT, etc.) when we feel that the player understands the desired outcome of each drill. Next we move into a Training phase where we break down the test and work hard to develop each players weaknesses. Finally, after a few weeks of Training, we Track the changes by retesting the player. The player is given a detailed report that compares their performance to other players in our system while also monitoring their improvement. This can be used to motivate them as they progress through our system. Here is an example of this report.This graph shows a player that is strong in the Speed/Agility category, and is fairly strong in the Technical Skill category, but needs to develop a stronger base of Soccer Fitness if they want to be a more complete (balanced) player. As a coach, this is a good way to get a snapshot of your teams balance. Other players may rank very high in the fitness and skill categories, but struggle a bit in the speed and agility categories. A player like this would benefit from some additional speed/agility based warm ups, speed based fitness and speed drills on and off the ball. Our reactive agility programs, speed warm ups and reactive cone passing drills could be integrated into practice sessions at this point and the player would be monitored every few weeks to see if we are making progress in this category.

To get started now with our Game Speed Testing (Level 1) – Click HERE and take your first step towards reaching your potential as a player.

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