How We Calculate our Game Speed Scores

After you have taken the test and entered your scores on the data entry sheets (please enter scores on either the male data entry sheet or female data entry sheet by clicking on these links). You will be taken to our results page which display’s your scores in a comparative radar graph on top of our developmental pyramid of sports mastery (pictured below). This graph will show you at a glance how you stack up against the players we have seen take the test. We use a points system similar to that of a decathlon scoring system to rank each player.

The system works like this…Our record score in each test gets 1000 points and the worst score in each test gets 0 points. Then your score (which will fall somewhere between these two) is calculated and given a points total. For instance, if you were looking to get a quick view of your results, you could enter the following 6 scores:

  1. ran 8.00 seconds in our Speed 25 Down and Back Test
  2. ran 15.30 seconds in our Agility Down 10 / Back 5 Test
  3. scored an 1800 yards on our Soccer Fitness Interval Test
  4. recorded a 45 gates on the 5 Cone Dribbling Test
  5. ran 17.45 seconds in our Moves and Turns Test
  6. completed 40 passes on the Partner Passing Test

When we entered these scores into the Game Speed Data Entry (Male) page and clicked Run Test, this is what was displayed…(feel free to click here and enter these numbers to see how the system works). As records are broken your scores may change, as this system is contently being updated. If your scores don’t progress at the same rate as records are being broken, you may see a drop off in your scores.

Each test was placed into a particular category. For the Game Speed Assessment we have 3 categories:

We will explain the points system and what it means to be in the Comfort, Developing, Emerging or Peaking Level in future posts. This system has proven to be an awesome evaluation tool for our players as it looks at the category whole, while also breaking down the individual skills. The whole is usually of greater value than the individual parts.

I hope your testing is going well and please keep me posted on your progress or questions as we continue to evaluate this tests effectiveness and usefulness to soccer players and coaches. We will be sending out more information in weeks to come on how to calculate team averages as well as look at the profile of an entire club from 8 to 18.



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