Inspiring Words: Attitude…The ONE Thing?

Prayer for a change of attitude for the upcoming year/season: Help me today to have a positive attitude on whatever life throws at me. Help me to see the tough times as strength and endurance training, and help me to see the good times as relaxation, regeneration and recovery. Help me to plan out a strategy for success while battling through the tough times, not focusing on resistance as a negative factor in my life, but rather focus on the positives of beating the resistance or improving myself because of it. Even in the midst of adversity, the one thing that we can control is our attitude. – Scott Moody

As we all get ready to accept the challenges 2011 throws at us, I will challenge you all to take the advice of Dan Britton in his recent post on the FCA website:

As an athlete or coach, you have tons of responsibilities, and your schedule is crazy. You feel like you are sprinting on the field and sprinting in life. That is why we need to be intentional about clarifying and simplifying life. For the past eight years, I have been sharing with many people the simple discipline of picking just one word as a theme for the upcoming year. That is right, a ONE-word theme. Not a phrase, not a statement, just a single word. And to this point, it has been nothing short of life changing.

In the movie City Slickers, there is a scene that reveals the value and magnitude of “one thing.” Billy Crystal plays Mitch, a vacationing businessman who, along with two friends, takes on the adventure of a cattle drive. In the middle of the drive, a rough-necked cowhand named Curly tells Mitch that the secret to life is just one thing. Curly emphasizes the point by holding one finger up and saying, “You need to stick to that one thing.” To this, Mitch replies, “What is that one thing?” Curly responds back, “That is what you gotta figure out.”

For me, this one-word exercise, in its simplicity, helps bring clarity into a very complex world. The discipline of picking a one-word theme has stretched me in all areas—spiritually, physically and emotionally. God has transformed me in many ways through this exercise, and I know that through it God can bring truth and revelation into your life, as well.

When I first started this process, half of the fun was choosing the word for the year, but I have learned that it is not necessarily me who chooses the word, but rather God who reveals it to me. God can, indeed, drop an anointed, specific word into your soul. In my first year, I admit that it was 99 percent me picking the word and 1 percent God speaking. Even so, God still used it! But as I have become more experienced in the process, I have learned to really listen and watch for God’s leading in selecting the word.

It has been my experience that God quickly reveals His plans for the year regarding your one-word. That word (be it a discipline, fruit of the Spirit, character trait, attribute of God or even the name of a person) will brand you for life! Every day, you’ll be blessed as you experience God revealing to you powerful truth about your one-word theme. Everywhere you turn, there are new insights and valuable lessons associated with that word.

Enjoy the process, and remember: just one word. Not a phrase. Not even two words. Just one word!

My challenge to all the coaches and athletes in the SoccerFIT family is to choose 1 word that inspires, motivates, challenges and drives you to be the very best you can be in 2011. Write it down and put it in places where you will see it every day (in your locker, on your bathroom mirror, as a book mark in whatever book you are reading, etc.). What is your motivation and inspiration for 2011…what do you want to become…how will you get there?

Remember, attitude is everything and attitude influences everything around you. What type of attitude do you have?



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