INSPIRING WORDS: Impacting the lives of young players…

The 3 minute movie referenced at the bottom of this post, speaks to some of the points that were brought up today in a small group meeting I had with local coaches. Lombardi actually was going down the road to be a preacher, and you can see a strong faith and commitment in his words if you look deeper into what he actually said.

In sports reporting, words can be twisted to make the point of the reporter, but if you look deep into what the coach actually meant, or where his heart was when he made his comments, you can sometimes see thoughts that transcend sport and actually add impact to ones life. I think coaching young people gives us all the opportunity to make a positive impact on who they (the athletes) will eventually become, and how they view the world. Strong words like commitment, will, passion, endurance and faith in the journey have become cliché in coaching vocabulary, but these words transcend the sporting arena, and need to be used to shape and structure the psyche of young people (whether they are an athlete or not).

I had written a post a few months ago entitled “You will never be good enough!” and I have a player (8th grade girl) who playfully reminds me that even though she might not be “good enough” she is getting better every day! Isn’t that the goal? Isn’t that our message? To paraphrase Lombardi – Winning is not everything, but the will to win, the will to succeed is our goal. We need to focus on the will to win, the endurance to withstand phases of adversity and the dedication to enjoying the journey…every step of the way.

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