Learning from Each Other: Hamstring Strength

On Twitter today we got into a lengthy discussion on hamstring injury’s in soccer, and what we might be doing to reduce the risk…

After some discussion I thought it would be easier to put up some video and discuss some of the best exercises we know for developing the hamstrings in soccer players. Here’s a few to get the discussion started.

Lets add to this list, remove from this list, and make some comments on what we use and why. Over the next week or so we should be able to come up with a good list of exercises.



  1. I like the step ups, the reactive med ball catches. I might suggest that holding that ball after the catch and trying to stay still may also train the hamstrings:a forced deceleration,
    Strength for hamstrings is a start, but improving the timing of their contractions is very important too; braking/stopping actions.

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