FOCUS EXERCISE: Lunge/Step Up Technique Video

There are a few exercises that we teach at the Soccer F.I.T. Academy that really help us develop our soccer specific strength and power, and thus set the stage for explosive speed and agility. However, 2 of these exercises have many variations that can dramatically effect the outcome of the exercise. After posting yesterdays video, I received a question about the significant forward body lean in the step up jump exercise in the video. As some of you know, I also work with the Cybex Institute to evaluate and study the effects of their equipment on sports performance. The Cybex Institute has a wonderful site with a great video that shows these videos broken down in a way that educates the athlete about the physics and biomechanics of the exercise in a visual way that is very easy to understand.

Check out the videos on this link and forward it to your athletes, it should open their eyes on what is really going on…

Here is a link for more info:



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