Motivation? Believe? Become what you Believe…

A few days ago, I posted a post on the AthleteFIT home page titled Become what you believe… after watching one of our teams battle it out with one of their closest rivals. After posting this, I received several emails with links to other motivating videos (some of which we have put up on our site in the past, and some that were new and quite fun to watch). Here is one of the emails of a player that signed up for the Game Speed Evaluation and just tied a record in our Soccer FITness Interval!

Thank you for the link. I have to tell you, my son wanted to quit after the 3rd one (570yds). He told me he was done. I told him to run until he did not make it or until his legs could not run any longer. I got on him about his mind being weaker than his body. I reminded him of the videos that I sent to some of my coaches and people who I train this morning (which I had him watch). This helped him reach that goal. He went for one more each time and by the time we got to 12 he could smell the victory of 15 and at that point was determined to make it. – John (parent of an athlete performing the SoccerFIT Level 1 Evaluation)

This whole thought process of becoming something more than you thought you could be, or believing in yourself, starts with motivation. Here is a short video that should help inspire you today… It’s also interesting that the speech in the background is from Vince Lombardi’s “What it takes to be number 1”. I love how Lombardi’s motivation and wisdom can transcend sport and business and lead us all towards reaching the goals we set for ourselves…

If you have not signed up for the FREE SoccerFIT Game Speed Evaluation, you can click HERE to learn more or just enter your name and email on the form on the side bar. Get started today, and “Become what you Believe!”



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