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Here is where you can find about all that SoccerFIT has to offer. We have organized our products and services into categories to help streamline your search for what you need. Click on the links below to browse through all our products and services:

Train ThumbSoccerFIT Training Classes:

SoccerFIT runs daily training classes for athletes (Elementary thru College) out of our Training and Research Center in the OP Soccer Complex. We have 4 unique, developmental levels that allow each player to gain a comfort with foundational movement skills and progress over time into advanced athletic drills. Click HERE for more information and video highlights.

eBook ThumbOnline Training Programs:

Our newest product is in the form of interactive training programs that can be viewed online, downloaded to your iPhone or iPad (viewable in iBooks) or printed as a PDF. This allows for a truly unique experience, that enables you to take your training session, notes, video examples, etc. with you anywhere! Click HERE for more information and video highlights.

Clinics ThumbAthleteFIT Coaches’ Workshop:

Our Coaches’ Workshops help educate players and coaches on various fitness and sports performance topics. Each workshop will have a specific theme and use PowerPoint lectures, hands on training, on-field/on-court observation and, open discussion over lunch and dinner to help guide the learning process… Winter Workshops to be announced soon!

screen-capture-4GameSPEED Training:

Our most popular training program is our GameSPEED program, which blends soccer specific speed, agility and fitness, with strength, power and body control exercises. This program is offered in the summer, fall and spring on the field and inside our training center at the Overland Park Soccer Complex. Click HERE to learn more…

Reviews ThumbProduct Reviews:

We are working to structure our partnerships to be exclusive with the recognized leader in each industry, sport or region. This way we can streamline our efforts towards developing programs or protocols that truly reflect the philosophy and needs of a specific organization in each sport or industry. Coming Soon!

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