Preparing for Summer Tryouts and Testing Your Skills

As we begin winding down our spring program and getting ready for the summer sessions, we have run our players through a battery of drills that we refer to as our Game Speed Test. These 15 tests have proven to give us a clear player profile as we begin to ramp up our training for tryouts, state, regional and national championships. Each of our players are run through the test and given an evaluation of their skills (see image below).

Once we have each players unique profile we can identify strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to structure their training to enhance their score and thus elevate their game. This is a free test offered on our website, and over the past year we have had over 600 coaches from 32 different countries run the test on thousands of players. As the players get older and competition gets intense, it is nice to know exactly where you rank against the best players on the field. This insight can help motivate players and focus their training to help them target specific physical and technical aspects that may be holding them back. Here is a short video of the drills used in this test.

If you are in the Greater Kansas City area and would like to get involved in our summer camps or training programs you can click on the link to register. If you are not in our area, but would be interested in learning more about our program we have a series of eBooks that might help give you some ideas on how we integrate the technical skills training with the physical speed and fitness training to elevate the level of play for our soccer players.


  1. I need to know if there are training opportunities available for recreational soccer girls (12yrs old). Thanks!

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