Programs For Athletes


If you are looking to train in the AthleteFIT system you have several options from which to choose. You can train with us in our Training and Research Center at the Overland Park Soccer Complex in Kansas City (13700 Switzer Rd, Overland Park, KS), which has classes structured to meet the needs of every age group, sport and level. If you are unable to train in our Overland Park facility, we can send you workouts online, and build a program that caters to your needs. Below is a breakdown of each training option.

Train in our AthleteFIT Program

All athletes are encouraged to start their training journey in our AthleteFIT program. This program is designed to meet the needs of all athletes (no matter what the sport), as each session will focus on developing Fitness, Strength, Power, Speed and Skill. Our system allows each athlete to train at their own pace, systematically progressing general and sport specific program options as we focus on developing weaker areas while enhancing stronger areas. The overall goal is to build a strong foundation in strength and movement skill, from which will transition into confident speed and sport specific skill as the athlete progresses.

Online Training Programs

If you are unable to train in our Training Centers we can still help you to achieve your goals. Click HERE to access our online training program store.

Return to Sport Programs

If you are returning from an injury, and would like get some one on one training in a more focused program. We can schedule sessions in our Rehabilitation and Return to Sport Program. Email Scott at for more information.

Our System:

The model below, is a visual representation of how we develop our athletes from a sport specific perspective. Starting at the bottom, we build a solid foundation in tactical understanding and positioning drills, technical footwork and skill, rhythm and quickness, and body awareness, stability and mobility. From her we build on each aspect by integrating and blending these foundational aspects together. Once integrated we continue to progress the intensity and complexity, by adding speed, volume, load or other players.


Pyramid Programs