Response to the Cybex Arc 1 on 1 off Challenge!

I recently posted a challenge workout on the Cybex Blog Page and received quite a few responses. This Challenge Workout is one of many that we use on in our fitness program, and it is one of our most popular because of it’s ability to demand strength, power, strength endurance and heart rate recovery. It is a simple 1 minute on : 1 minute off for 30 minutes program that starts off at 35 resistance and progresses up by 5 each interval so that our players that can finish the workout will hit 100 percent of body weight resistance by the last interval. The pace needs to remain above 140 strides per minute for each working set. I received many challenges back from this post (challenging me to do it, or asking what I scored, basically I got called out on this one!). Although I have completed this workout (hit 100% of body weight), I haven’t done it recently. So I decided to attempt it again… Here are my results:

As you can tell, I worked pretty hard through the test and almost made it (a little frustrating, that I couldn’t even pass my own challenge). I missed at 90 resistance (couldn’t keep the pace above 140 for the entire minute) so I could not increase resistance during the next set (but I did get a little extra recovery since I couldn’t make it the entire minute which allowed me to pass it on the next set). And then unfortunately I missed again on 95… so frustrating, but now I guess it is time to go back to work!

I just thought I would throw up a graphic of the challenge so that many of you could get a visual of what it actually looks/feels like with Heart Rate Data. Remember, this is an advanced challenge and you should not attempt it if you are not an experienced Arc Trainer user. This is something we have run with over 300 athletes and have only had 5 pass it. Good Luck and please give me your feedback!

(a few months later…)

Okay, after being called out in my own challenge, I changed my training program a little and tried it again… This time I beat it, and beat it easily. Here is my graph on the PolarTeam2 System:



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