Soccer F.I.T. Academy Pre-Practice Agility Sessions

The Pre-Practice Speed sessions will be organized and progressed with the same basic structure that been proven successful with the CAP Athletes over the last few years. In the Soccer F.I.T. Academy Developmental Curriculum (represented in the pyramid below) has two sides:

Physical and Tactical

  • Technical / Tactical (Left Side) that encompasses skills typically developed in practice and soccer specific training sessions.
  • Physical (Right Side) that encompasses all the Athleticism Development Components typically developed off the field.

These sessions (designated by the central blue pyramid) help to bridge this gap and create confidence in speed of play and help players understand how to apply their speed in a soccer setting. Holding these sessions before practice will prepare the players both mentally and physically for the upcoming practice session, setting them up for success!

Here is a brief description of what will be covered in each age specific session:

First 5 minutes:

  • Mobility/Stability Based Dynamic Warm Up

Next 10-15 minutes:

  • Coordinate Footwork with Simple Ball Skills and Low Level Plyos
  • Introduce New Agility Patterns in a Soccer Specific Setting
  • Merge Agility Patterns with Passing, Receiving, Finishing and Dribbling

Last 10-15 minutes:

  • Decrease Rest Intervals and Increase Intensity / Fitness
  • Introduce a Defender – 1v1 and 2v2 Speed/Agility Situational Drills
  • Put it all together in a situational drill or small sided game!

Each session will be slightly different as we progress throughout the season. We will be getting feedback from coaches and players regarding what drills the players are responding to as well as what new situations need to be introduced. The pace and structure of these sessions will enhance the speed of play and create a competitive environment that bridges the gap between fitness and on-field performance in a fun and fast learning environment.

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  1. As you say sessions should change as you go through the season, pea season you take it easy until body is honed and then you build up but as season progresses you can then reduce stamina training and increase skill training

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