Speed / Agility Philosophy

Our goal is to increase your knowledge of sports speed application, while adding to your exercise bank of drills, progressions and exercises. Sports Speed is the culmination of years of technique and training all coming together in a split seconds worth of sensational, on field application. Some say speed is genetic, and some say that great players are born with great ability, but I have seen what goes on behind the scenes. The dedication to footwork before quickness, and the desire to outwork and outrun everyone you train with… This is the foundation of our speed / agility philosophy…


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  1. I agree with both – Great players are born and great players are made! In other words, effective & efficient training will bring the results the athletes seek. This is also true however…..some great players are born LAZY but few lazy players are born GREAT! WRONG SPORT I KNOW: It took Michael Vick many years to learn this.

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