Off-Season Recap: Week 6 – Fitness Separation


In week 5 of our off-season training program we finished up our pre-test sessions on speed, strength and fitness. Some have asked why we wait 4 weeks before starting our “pre-test” and the answer is simple. We have 200+ athletes walk show up week 1 of our off-season program, and many of them have not

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Power Based Strength Training Made Easy…


Often, when discussing training exercises that give us the most bang for the buck in vertical power training, the list doesn’t get too far beyond the Olympic lifts (clean/jerk and snatch). And there is no disputing the fact that these two or three lifts deliver results, but the problem with these lifts is centered around

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Weekly Recap: Winter 11-12 Week 4


As you know, our PowerFIT/Speed/FIT program is a seasonal progression that challenges the athlete to improve each week as we build off a foundation of basic movement into explosive speed/agility and fitness:

From a conditioning standpoint we are using the Cybex Arc Trainers in the first two phases (months) and then our focus shifts to the

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Soccer F.I.T. Program on US Youth Soccer Show (Fox Soccer Channel)


In August the Fox Soccer Channel came out to the Soccer F.I.T. Academy to film one of our training sessions. They jumped in during the second day of testing during the first week of the fall session. Although the exercises in the clip don’t really represent a normal training session, you can still enjoy listening

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