Situational Agility: Face or Turn Back to Player


This post is taken from Sub Chapter 5.11- of our SoccerFIT Yearly Program, where we are talking about body position as it relates to soccer speed/agility, specifically regarding the ability to anticipate a situation and make subtle changes to the hard wired agility patterns based on desired tactical outcomes…
Body Position in Relation to Other Players:

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Soccer Speed Training: 6 Player Overlap Sprint Repeats

speed w ball morris.faded

As we prepare for our pre-season (usually about 8 weeks prior to our season start date) we want to begin making a slow shift from our non-specific sprint training into our specific sprint training. We need to consider two key aspects when designing these drills.

What conditioning effect do we hope to achieve (max speed, repeat

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Developing the 3 Types of Soccer Speed

Motor Ability Chart

Over the last decade we have trained over 6000 athletes. And in that time we have seen players take their speed, strength and power to levels that we never thought possible. But occasionally, this just wasn’t enough to win them a starting role. We quickly realized that enhancing a player’s 40yd dash time was not

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RESEARCH: Odd Shaped Balls – Reactive Skill Development?


Last week at the NSCAA National Conference, I picked up a few balls from Corpus Training LLC to start a study on reactive dribbling and quick feet that we plan to start in the Spring. Last night I began our process, by letting some of our athletes play with the Rasenreich balls in a “free

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Research: Improving Kicking Distance In Young Players


Our Research Review Article for today comes from the January 2011 issue of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (Rubley, et. al., 2011). This study assessed an intervention of low-level plyometric training on vertical jump and kicking performance in two groups of thirteen-year-old female soccer players.
“High intensity plyometric training is often used by strength

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Soccer F.I.T. Program on US Youth Soccer Show (Fox Soccer Channel)


In August the Fox Soccer Channel came out to the Soccer F.I.T. Academy to film one of our training sessions. They jumped in during the second day of testing during the first week of the fall session. Although the exercises in the clip don’t really represent a normal training session, you can still enjoy listening

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