The road to happiness…

Seth Godin wrote a post called “Coming from a Loud Place” where he talked about all the companies that have made an impact on society, and how they didn’t start off with multimillion dollar ad campaigns. Instead, they focused on the experience that the user would ultimately have with their product (making it great).

Is this so different than sport? So many times we place all our dreams into one basket, making the top team, spending thousands of dollars on camps or recruiting services, choosing a school that will provide the player with the best visibility, etc. Instead of doing this, why not focus on your skills, your passion, the process or experience? Why not learn to love the game?

Although I can’t guarantee that everyone who decides to go down this road will become great, I can tell you that you will enjoy the journey. And ultimately that is what it’s all about…enjoying the journey. If you love the game, you will work hard to develop your skills. As your skills develop, you will grow in confidence. As your confidence develops, you will put more into your training (because you are seeing results). As you see results, you will get noticed….And if you don’t get noticed, I promise…you will still love the game, and you will still find places and people to play with. And at the end of your playing days, you will look back on your life in this sport with a smile on your face.

So as Seth put it in his blog… “Instead of cajoling your way into the spotlight, consider investing in the experience first.” You won’t regret it.



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