Top 10 Programs on the Cybex Arc Trainer

Top 10 Arc Programs:

Not only do I run the Soccer F.I.T. Academy, but I also own several other sports performance testing and research centers that specialize in program/protocol development. From time to time we work with equipment manufactures to study the effects of their equipment within a specific population. We got an Arc trainer 3 years ago, and thought it would be a good, low impact piece of equipment for athletes recovering from mild injuries (ankle sprains, knee pain, low back pain, shoulder/arm injuries, etc.). We looked at the Arc as a way to keep them moving in a low impact workout during these periods of time where they may not be able to run, lift or train in their performance programs.

What we found was that all the athletes we put on the Arc progressed in areas that we never would have imagined. For instance, over the last 3 years we have had 8 ACL rehabilitation clients referred to us as a complement to their physical therapy programs (simple aerobic training in a low impact setting). After 8-12 weeks of Arc Intervals 4 of the 8 ran faster 20 yds dash times than they ran pre-injury and the other 4 were within a few hundredths of a second from their best pre-injury time. 6 of the 8 scored higher on their team conditioning tests than they scored during the season they got injured, and all 8 wanted to continue to train on the Arc, even after their rehab was finished. During interviews with the physical therapist we found that each of these patients progressed faster than average through the PT program and reported less soreness.

As shocking as this was, we were also beginning to notice that many of the other athletes (ankle injuries, hamstring injuries, athletes with low back pain, etc.) were also reporting the same types of results. So with these case studies in mind, we started to use the Arc with our healthy athletes in strength and power training, speed training and challenging circuits and interval conditioning programs that were designed to push the limits of the athlete and machine.

The Arc has become one of our most used pieces of equipment, and it has truly allowed us to broaden the foundation of our program while filling in some gaps that we feel have become essential to athletic fitness. Here are the top 10 programs we have for the Arc.

10. General Fitness
9. Heart Rate Recovery
8. Circuit Training
7. Off-Day Cross Training
6. Max Strength
5. Functional Power
4. Speed
3. Leg Strength Endurance
2. In-Season Peaking
1. Rehabilitation

Over the next few weeks we will explore each of these areas and highlight a program (with results) from each of these 10 areas of performance. I know of no other machine that is capable of producing results in each of these areas with such a wide variety of populations. And if you haven’t yet opened your


  1. Scott and his staff do an amazing job of taking the ARC to the next level. The leg strength and power programs blew my mind….and my legs 🙂 This is a great alternative for youth athletes to develop maximal functional strength, power, and acceleration properties with minimal lower body soreness.

  2. Our college girls did 6×20 sec sprints this morning on the ARC. We started at 70% and worked up each set until they could no longer build & HOLD speed. As usual, it was a love/hate relationship – We LOVED it…..they HATED it 🙂

  3. The ones that did not improve from their pre-injury times were really very close to their previous tests (between .10 and .15 seconds). I would say that they were just not quite as quick a healer as the other 4. All 8 were impressed with their first full speed test post ACL rehab, and all have since improved to better their pre-injury times.

    These were each just isolated case studies, but I have never seen fitness, speed and confidence levels come back so quickly after injury.

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