Weekly Recap: Winter 11-12 Week 4

As you know, our PowerFIT/Speed/FIT program is a seasonal progression that challenges the athlete to improve each week as we build off a foundation of basic movement into explosive speed/agility and fitness:

From a conditioning standpoint we are using the Cybex Arc Trainers in the first two phases (months) and then our focus shifts to the Woodway Curve Treadmills over the final two phases (months) and we will explain more about this process in weeks to come, but in the strength portion of our circuits we are slowly making a shift in December towards a “Pause to Pull” or a “Pause to Press” emphasis. Put simply, we want the athletes to use a moderately challenging weight (10, 15 or 20 lb db’s usually), and lower into a powerful position…pause…engage the core…and pull or press out of the movement with power. This keeps the player in a very athletic and controlled position, while forcing them to think about two key aspects for power improvement:

  1. Getting into strong and stable athletic positions that engage the core (Stability)
  2. Putting force into the ground to “drive” out, or accelerate the weight (Power)

Here are a few short clips of several key exercises we use in this phase. These exercises help to set the stage for our more complex exercises in the later phases while still delivering a good conditioning benefit in our circuits.





Work on your form on these exercises, while pushing through the Arc Trainer intervals and you will be set up for speed, power and fitness gains unlike any you have every seen over the next few months!



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