Why Not U.S.?

The SoccerFIT staff attended the NSCAA Convention last week and had a great experience! We met several coaches, talked training, discussed the “state of the game”, and heard some insightful presentations.

The highlight of the weekend was hearing Anson Dorrance speak on “Player Development at the Grassroots Level.” Anyone who is even remotely familiar with the game knows not only has heard OF him but also has heard ABOUT him. We have heard about his unbridled passion, insatiable competitiveness, and unquestionable love for his players and his game….the World’s game. We frequently hear coaches, parents, players make comparisons to other countries and use them as reference points when it comes to US success in soccer. Dorrance’s position about this was simple “absolutely not.” A question he raised was “why genuflect at the feet of the world for anything?” He referenced the influx of international players and successes in the NBA and against the US. His stance is “if they can do this in basketball, then why cant we do this in soccer?”

As a former basketball player and coach who now trains mostly youth soccer players, this analogy stuck with me! If Germans, Argentines, and the Spanish can beat us at our game – WHY NOT US? WHY NOT U.S.?

Rest assured the SoccerFIT staff is committed to developing players and taking US Soccer to the highest level imaginable! We have several clubs joining the SoccerFIT Team this Spring to help with this quest.

Stay tuned for updates on our new Testing & Training system and remember WHY NOT U.S.?



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